Assessment at university

Lecturers and students responsibilities during the process of assessment and what lecturers are expected to provide.

Lecturers’ and students’ responsibilities in the assessment process

You as a student are expected to:

  • Attend your classes and/or watch the videos and/or work through online modules prepared by the lecturer.
  • Complete your assessments in the time and manner specified.
  • Read the paper outline carefully and familiarise yourself with the assessment tasks and timeframes.
  • Be clear that you understand the assessment instructions (and ask your lecturer or a tutor if you need support).
  • Look at all additional materials, readings and instructions. If they appear incomplete or you need more guidance, then make sure to ask as soon as possible.
  • Ask for clarification and support when you need it.
  • Submit your assessment tasks on time.
  • Ensure that all assessment tasks are your own independent work unless instructed otherwise (e.g. group work, or if you are asked to use an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool such as ChatGPT).
  • Use the assessment criteria to guide you with the assignment preparation.
  • Review the feedback given to you by your lecturer and identify how you could improve. Meet with your lecturer or a tutor if you have questions.
  • Reference the work of others correctly and appropriately. The Library offers reference guideschat support, and consultations with librarians to ensure that you are referencing correctly and applying the appropriate style.
  • Manage your time wisely  - you may have several assessments due at around the same time. Workload is not an excuse for failure to submit work on time. Student Learning offers advice on time management skills.

Lecturers are expected to provide:

  • Fair and clear assignment instructions.
  • Detailed assessment information in the paper outline and on Moodle.
  • Constructive, prompt and useful feedback on assessment tasks.
  • Opportunities to discuss assessment tasks and feedback.
  • Criteria which clearly set out the standards expected for the performance of the task.