Completing assessments involves careful time management and developing other transferable skills that are integral to your learning.

Student Learning has a range of resources available to help you complete your assessments.

These include advice on academic skills such as studying and writing, time management, mathematics and statistics, and how to approach different types of assessments (e.g. oral presentations, case studies).

Assessment map

You can visualise assessments across all of your papers from your Moodle dashboard.

  1. Go to your Moodle Dashboard.
  2. Under MyWaikato at the top right of the page, select Assessment Map.


Help with technology

If you are looking for guidance on MoodleMaharaTurnitinPanopto and other technologies (including how to submit assignments online), check the help with technology pages.

You can also book a consultation with Student Learning for further assistance with any of these aspects.


If you require extra time to complete an assessment, ask for an extension before the due date. Extensions should be agreed to in writing by the paper’s lecturer. Unless an extension in writing has been granted, a lecturer may refuse to accept a piece of work which is submitted after the specified date. They may award it no mark or may lower the mark as a penalty for lateness.

Deadlines will not be extended beyond two weeks after the last teaching day of the semester(s) in which the paper is taught, as final grades must go to the Board of Examiners at this time.

See also the Regulations and guidelines page in this handbook.