The messaging system within Moodle provides a way of sending instant messages to your lecturer or a classmate. It is not limited to a specific paper, any Moodle user may send a message to another.

  1. Select Messages from the drop down menu found at the top-right of your Moodle paper under your name. The chat bubble icon is a shortcut where you can find a specific conversation to go and view it. These options both direct to the same Message page.
  2. To send a new message, select either Messages at the bottom-left of the page to reply to an existing conversation, or Contacts to search for a user. Type in user or course name at the top-left of the page. There are also categories of starred, group and private which drop down and selected to send a message too.
  3. Compose your message in the text box provided and when you are done select the arrow to Send.

Note: You can also send a message directly to a user from their profile page.