The links to these instructional YouTube clips come from The Organic Chemistry Tutor.

How to Solve quadratic equations by factoring [length: 15m:43s]
This video details how  to solve quadratic equations by factoring.  It discusses how to factor the gcf - greatest common factor, how to factor trinomials and factoring by grouping.

Completing the square [length: 14m:30s]
This video details how to factorise quadratic equations by completing the square.  It provides a basic introduction into using the completing the square method.

Factoring special cases [length: 11m:19s]
This video details factoring special cases such as factoring different forms of binomials and special products of polynomials specifically perfect square trinomials, difference of perfect squares, and sum and difference of cubes.

Factoring higher polynomials [length: 10m:12s]
This video details how to factor higher degree polynomial functions and polynomial equations.

Factoring cubic polynomials [length: 10m:16s]
This video details how to factor cubic polynomials by factoring by grouping method or by listing the possible rational zeros of the polynomial and then by reducing it using synthetic division.

Factoring sums and differences cubes [length: 11m:12s]
This video focuses on factoring sums and differences of cubes.  This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems factoring sums and differences of cubes along with the formulas and equations that go with it.

Factoring trinomial x^2 not 1 [length: 11m:22s]
This video details how to factor trinomials in the form ax2+bx+c when a, the leading coefficient, is not 1.

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