The links to these instructional YouTube clips come from The Organic Chemistry Tutor.

Indexes/powers [length: 12m:42s]
This video details the process of multiplying and dividing monomials and powers with both the same base and with different bases.

Simplifying Exponents [length: 11m:47s]
This video details the process of simplifying exponents with fractions, variables, and negative exponents including examples involving multiplication and division of monomials.

Negative exponents [length: 12m:37s]
This video explains how to simplify negative exponents in fractions with variables and parentheses.

Fractional exponents [length: 12m:32s]
This video details how to simplify fractional exponents with variables and parentheses.

Solving exponential equations [length: 11m:59s]
This video details how to solve exponential equations in quadratic form.

Graphing exponential equations [length: 10m:12s]
This video details how to graph basic exponential equations.

Introduction to Logarithms [length: 10m:20s]
This video details a basic introduction to logarithms.  It explains the process of evaluating logarithmic expressions without a calculator.

Graphing logarithmic functions [length: 20m:55s]
This video details how to graph basic logarithm equations.

Solving logarithm equations [length: 32m:42s]
This video details how to factorise quadratic equations.

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