An introduction to simple expressions along with the adding/subtraction/multiplication and division of basic examples.


The links to these instructional YouTube clips come from The Organic Chemistry Tutor.

Polynomial expressions [length: 17m:52s]
This video details how to simplify algebraic expressions.


Simplifying expressions [length: 32m:27s]
This video details how to simplify expressions by expanding brackets and collecting like terms. 

Evaluating Expressions [length: 11m:35s]
This video details how to evaluate an expression and also order of operations.

Distributive Property [length: 11m:36s]
This video details the distributive property of multiplication.

The Foil method [length: 18m:09s]
This video details the foil method (to assist the expansion of brackets). 

Rationalise the denominator [length: 10m:55s]
This video details how to rationalize the denominator that may include square roots or cube roots. 

Dividing Algebraic fractions [length: 11m:52s]
This video details how to divide algebraic fractions.

 Multiplying Algebraic fractions [length: 11m:29s]
This video details how to multiply algebraic fractions.

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