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Looking for a short-term study option?  A certificate can help pave your way to future success, and is equivalent to the first year of study of a bachelor's degree. It's a great way to gain an introductory qualification in a field of study.

A certificate can be taken in any of the following fields of study:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Environmental Planning
  • Health, Sport and Human Performance
  • Law
  • Management
  • Māori and Pacific Development
  • Science
  • Social Sciences


Students of the Certificate must gain 120 points at 100-level or above, including 90 points in a single field of study. Students must also meet any relevant field requirements. Normally a certificate involves one year of full-time study.

Note: A candidate who has successfully completed papers for this qualification may apply to have them transferred to an undergraduate degree, before the qualification is awarded.

Certificate in Business or Management

This certificate is available to students who wish to gain an introductory qualification in business/management.

Students must pass a total of 120 points (8 papers) at 100-level or above, and follow an approved programme of study.

At least 90 points (6 papers) must be from the fields of business/management, and include the compulsory paper STMGT101 Introduction to Management.

The subjects that comprise the fields of business/management are set out in the University Calendar under 'Undergraduate Diploma and Certificate Fields'.

We recommend that students include the List A Business Fundamentals papers in their programme of study, but this is not compulsory:

- ACCTN101 Accounting for Management

- ECONS101 Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy

- FINAN101 Introduction to Finance

- MGSYS101 Digital Business and Supply Chain Management

- MRKTG101 Fundamentals of Successful Marketing

Elective papers

The remaining 30 points of the Certificate (2 papers) can be chosen from any paper in any undergraduate subject offered by any faculty at the University of Waikato - as long as you have completed any prerequisite papers.

Certificate in Māori and Pacific Development

The Certificate and  Diploma in Māori and Pacific Development are available to students who wish to study in a particular field without having to complete a whole bachelors degree.

To complete the requirements of the Certificate, students must gain 120 points at 100 level or above. At least 90 points must be gained in one field. Up to 30 points may be included from other undergraduate fields.

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Entry requirements

You will be eligible to apply for a certificate if you have University Entrance or its equivalent. For more information see entry requirements.

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