A certificate is a one-year introductory qualification that can provide a springboard to further study.

Why study a Cert?

A certificate (60 points) is similar to completing the first year of a bachelor's degree at university.

It's a great way to gain a one-year introductory qualification in a particular field of study, and can propel you towards future success.

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A certificate can be taken in any of the following fields of study:

  • Arts - Cert(Arts)
  • Business - Cert(Bus)
  • Design - Cert(Des)
  • Education - Cert(Ed)
  • Environmental Planning - Cert(EnvPlan)
  • Health, Sport and Human Performance - Cert(HSHP)
  • Law - Cert(Law)
  • Management - Cert(Mgt)
  • Māori and Indigenous Studies - Cert(M&ISt)
  • Science - See Cert(Sc)
  • Social Sciences - Cert(SocSc)


For the Certificate, you must complete 120 points (eight papers) at 100 Level or above, including 90 points in a single field of study.

Students must also meet any requirements for their field of study. Normally a certificate involves two trimesters of full-time study.

Note: A candidate who has successfully completed papers for this qualification may apply to have them transferred to an undergraduate degree, before the qualification is awarded.

Full Regulations for the Certificate.

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