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Certificate in Health, Sport and Human Performance

Turn your passion into an exciting career by studying Health, Sport and Human Performance at the University of Waikato. Our exciting study options will equip you with the latest knowledge and skills to excel in this dynamic environment.

Looking for a short-term study option? A certificate can help pave your way to future success, and is equivalent to the first year of study of a bachelors degree. It's a great way to gain an introductory qualification in a field of study.

As one of the country's fastest growing industries, health and sport now contributes over $12 billion dollars per year to New Zealand. Sport, recreation and wellbeing are important in our everyday lives and how we define them is constantly changing as society’s expectations change. Studying Health, Sport and Human Performance presents an opportunity to enhance your knowledge, understanding and professional skills relevant to careers in sport, education, health, recreation, and the leisure sector.

With a focus on applied movement sciences and the sociocultural aspects of sport and recreation, you will also learn skills associated with teaching, coaching and instructing and how these link to broader understandings of health, hauora and wellbeing.

In addition, our facilities boast the latest equipment in sport science specialisations; namely The University of Waikato Sports Laboratory at the Avantidrome and The University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance in Tauranga. Both are equipped with cutting-edge facilities to test athlete performance, exercise and recovery, including an environmental chamber for altitude training.

All of this combined make the Certificate of Health, Sport and Human Performance a great place to start!

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Years: 1
Start Dates: Trimester A (March) and Trimester B (July)
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Or undertake a minor in any other subject within the University.

Entry requirements

Applications are open to anyone with University Entrance or its equivalent.

For more information, contact our Future Students Team: [email protected]

When you apply to enrol, select Certificate (Undergraduate) as your qualification.

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Further Study

A certificate makes for a good year of study, but if you find yourself wanting more you'll have the option of crediting all of your papers towards a three-year Bachelors degree instead.

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Have a chat with one of our friendly advisers to help you plan your degree.

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Have a chat with one of our friendly advisers to help you plan your degree.

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Email: [email protected]

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