Ebony de Thierry

Digital Marketing Manager, Vitality UK - London, England

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  • Bachelor of Management Studies
  • Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
  • Master of Management Studies
  • Marketing

"Digital marketing is massive at the moment; there are always new ideas and initiatives to try out, because the digital space is constantly evolving. I really enjoy the variety of my job and the fact that I’m constantly learning,” says Ebony de Thierry, who is of Ngāpuhi and Pākehā descent.

Since completing a Master of Management Studies in 2010, the Waikato University graduate has forged a successful career in London as a digital marketing manager for Vitality UK; one of the largest providers of health and life insurance in the United Kingdom.

“As part of my role I manage the day-to-day operations of the company’s digital marketing strategy, including website content and performance, as well as all aspects of digital advertising,” says Ebony.

“I’m fortunate to work across both creative development and business strategy, so I’m always challenged. I liaise with our media, advertising, creative and digital agencies to ensure we’re delivering the campaigns set out in our marketing plan.”

When she’s not working, she’s busy travelling to countries like Italy, France, Iceland and Denmark.  “Next on my list is Egypt, which has always been a dream of mine.”

After her bachelor’s degree, Ebony wanted to give herself a point of difference in the highly competitive job market, so she chose to do the postgraduate Master of Management Studies (MMS).

Ebony says a highlight of her studies at Waikato was a two-week research trip to Canada, funded by a University scholarship, where she met indigenous people from several Ottawa tribes. This inspired the topic of her marketing thesis, examining the relationship between material consumption, as a means of seeking pleasure or social identity, and the subjective life happiness of Māori millennials.

After graduating from her master’s degree with first class honours, Ebony became an advertising account manager at Bettle & Associates in Hamilton, responsible for developing multi-channel advertising campaigns on behalf of clients. Then she moved up to Auckland for a marketing executive role at Westpac, managing their website content and customer experience. In late 2014, Ebony headed overseas to London to pursue her dreams of travelling the world.

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