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link to Evaluations at Waikato

Evaluations at Waikato

An explanation of paper and teaching evaluation processes at the University of Waikato.

link to utilising evaluations

Utilising evaluations

Step-by-step instructions on using the Blue evaluation system to evaluate your papers and teaching at the University.

link to using feedback to improve teaching

Using feedback 

Using the information from student feedback  to improve your papers and teaching.

link to improving response rates

Student Engagement

Ideas for improving response rates and why it's important for students to engage with the evaluations process.

link to summative evaluation

Summative evaluation

How summative evaluation methods are used by the University to improve papers and teaching.

link to formative evaluation

Formative evaluation

Formative evaluation methods that you can use to improve your paper and teaching for the current cohort of students.

link to evaluation questions

Evaluation questions

The core questions used to evaluate papers and teaching at the University.

link to evaluations data

Evaluations data

Aggregated evaluation data for the University.

link to policy and guidelines

Policy and guidelines

Evaluation policy and associated guidelines that outline how papers and teaching are evaluated at the University.