Why Study Arts?

Our graduates are in demand for their creative problem solving, analytic capabilties, depth of understanding and practical skills. Our students learn and apply the power of language, literature, screens, music, movement and performance. An arts skill set compliments and enhances all disciplines and is used and applied in all sectors of employment.

Through your study you will develop sector-specific analytical abilities and research experience, well-honed written and verbal communication skills, and a broad perspective on the world and its various cultures.

An arts perspective of the world incorporates deep analytical understanding of the different languages of art and communication. We provide:

  • insights into everyday modes of communication,
  • opportunities for exploring new cultures with greater cultural fluency and language competence,
  • mentoring that develops craft and competencies across many forms of creative expression in the creation of original content, and
  • crucial media production skills across a range of contemporary platforms.

Personalised career development support to help you take the next step.

Get extra support with our broad range of scholarships

Specialist teaching facilities, including the acclaimed Dr John Gallagher Concert Chamber.

All of our subjects can be studied at Hons, Masters and PhD level.

Languages, Literature and Cultures

Whether you wish to develop fluency in a modern language, attain greater cultural competency, a deep appreciation of literature or grow as a creative and professional writer, find out what English, International Languages, Linguistics and Writing Studies have to offer.

International Languages and Cultures

General Linguistics


Writing Studies

Performing Arts

Grow your talent, knowledge and skills in performing and expressive arts with world class tuition in instrumental and vocal performance, music composition and production, dance and movement, and theatre performance and production. Find out more about Music, Theatre and Dance.



Theatre Studies

Media, Design and Communication

Waikato offers a wide range of options for developing an understanding of how different media platforms work, as well as how to develop effective and original media content. There are many opportunities for developing media production skills in film, animation, games to podcasting. Discover how media can be combined with the study of design, communication, performing arts and social sciences.

Screen and Media Studies

Postgraduate Study

Te Kura Toi offers a range of post-graduate qualifications that enable the study of all of our subject areas at higher levels.

All of our subjects can be studied under a Masters of Arts (MA), additionally Music can be studied under a Masters in Music (MMus) and Media, Design and Communication students can opt to take our Masters in Media and Creative Technologies (MMCT) that allows students to choose between traditional research or research by creative practice.

Our staff are capable of supervising PhD research on a broad range of disciplines and topics. See our research page for examples.

In addition, Waikato offers a Doctor of Musical Arts for high level musical performers.

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