Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the University charge for parking?

The charges help cover the cost of supply and maintenance of parking areas, manage the demand for parking, and encourage staff and students to consider more sustainable ways of getting to campus. Read this VC statement for more information.

Timing, cost and payment

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What hours do I have to pay for parking?

Paid parking applies Monday to Friday, 8.30am to  4.30pm, (excluding public holidays). Outside these times parking is free, however you cannot park in a numbered/named (reserved) park at ANY TIME - these are reserved for the permit-holder at all times and unauthorised vehicles may be clamped.

What does parking cost?

Parking costs a flat rate of $2 a day, or $6 for a week, payable using PayMyPark, in the General Parking areas in Gates 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b or 10. Students also have the option of paying up-front for the current/upcoming trimester (A and B only) for only $60 a trimester, also payable using PayMyPark. Purchasing the weekly or trimester concession does not guarantee you a parking space on your return if the carparks are full.

Is there a discounted student rate for parking?

Yes, as above, students can buy a discounted parking concession at $60 for a trimester (A and B only). If purchased at the beginning of the trimester, this is the cheapest parking option for students, giving up to 18 weeks of paid parking for less than a cup of coffee each week. The trimester parking concession doesn’t guarantee you a parking spot on your return if the carparks are full but does heavily subsidise the daily/weekly cost. The trimester option is only available to current students enrolled at the University of Waikato and is not applicable to staff members. See staff parking options.

How do I pay for parking?

  1. Download the PayMyPark app or visit the PayMyPark website
  2. Create an account and upload credit via credit card or internet banking
  3. Select the University of Waikato from PayMyPark's location list
  4. Select your parking option
  5. Enter your licence plate number
  6. If you have chosen timed parking, select a duration
  7. Pay using your account balance or a one-off credit card transaction.

You do not need to display anything in your car.

If you have any questions about using PayMyPark, check out the PayMyPark FAQ.

How long does my parking payment last for?

If you pay the daily rate of $2, your tariff expires 24 hours from the time of purchase; so if you buy it at midday for example, you are paid-up until midday the following day. The weekly concessions last for seven consecutive days from time of purchase; so if you by it on a Wednesday morning it will expire at the same time the following Wednesday morning.

The trimester concessions (A and B only) have a fixed expiry date, so the earlier you buy it, the more you save. These expire at the end of the trimester (including exam weeks), so you will need to purchase separate daily or weekly permits if you come to campus during the mid-trimester break, or purchase the B Trimester permit, which is available for purchase straight after A Trimester exams finish.

If I pay for parking and then leave campus, do I have to pay again if I come back later that day?

No, however this does not guarantee you a park when you return.

Does paying guarantee me a park?

If you’re just parking for the day, you’ll only need to pay once you’ve found a park. If  you’ve purchased a weekly or trimester parking concession, this doesn’t guarantee you a park if the carparks are full.