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Adding a Category to the Question bank

Adding categories to the Question bank is a great way to organise questions for each paper and quiz. This page explains how to add a category to your question bank.

  1. In your Moodle paper, select the More tab under the paper name.

  2. In the drop-down menu, select Question bank.

  3. At the top left, select Questions.

    This is a screenshot highlighting the Questions dropdown menu

  4. In the drop-down menu, select Categories.

    This screenshot is highlighting the categories option in the dropdown menu

  5. At the top left, select the red Add category button.

    This screenshot is highlighting add category

  6. Check the Parent category is correct or change it by selecting another in the drop-down menu.This screenshot is highlighting the parent category

    It is very important to check this drop-down menu and make sure the Parent category isn't a 'Top' category, as this type sits outside your paper and may make your questions hard to find.

  7. Add the Name of the category and any necessary information.This screenshot is highlighting to add a name to the question category

  8. Finally, select Add category at the bottom of the screen.
    This screenshot is highlighting add category

  9. Your new category will display in the Question categories page. You can change where it appears in the list, via arrows to the right of the category name.

  10. To add questions to your new category, select the category name.

  11. You will be taken to the screen below. Any questions created here will be stored under this category.

You can also move or copy questions to a different category.

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