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Re-opening a quiz to a student

  1. Go to the quiz that you wish to re-open.
  2. Select the 'edit' cog at the top-right of the page then select User overrides.
  3. This will take you to another page showing current user overrides. Select Add user override.
  4. In the user override settings, choose the student to whom you wish to grant the override. Here you can change settings for the specified student, including when to open and close the quiz, the time limit, and attempts allowed.
    1. These settings only affect the selected user.
    2. If you want just to give the student an extension, change the Close the quiz setting to a later date.
  5. Finally, select Save to finish, or Save and enter another override to change settings for another student.

Note: You can only change these settings for one student at a time.

You can also create a group override through the same method by selecting the Group override option in the edit cog menu.

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