Reminder about Fire Evacuations

All staff are reminded of the legal requirements regarding the evacuation of buildings. The University is required by legislation (NZ Fire Safety & Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006) to conduct regular trial fire evacuations. Fire Wardens facilitate the process of ensuring an orderly and well‐managed evacuation in the event of an evacuation. The official UoW Building Wardens wear a fluorescent yellow/green vest and the floor wardens wear an orange vest.

In the case of an emergency alarm the following responsibilities apply:

Responsibilities of Building Wardens

  • To act as a central communication point in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • To ensure that all requirements for an emergency evacuation are met.
  • To ensure ongoing observance of any requirements demanded by relevant legislation (e.g. keeping smoke‐stop doors closed, keeping exit‐ways unblocked, posting evacuation notices, etc)

Responsibilities of Floor Wardens

  • To ensure that, in the event of an emergency evacuation, all occupants of and visitors to the area effected, have left the building and unauthorised persons are prevented from entering the building once it has been evacuated.
  • To ensure that all occupants of the area controlled receive instruction in how to evacuate the building and know the nearest evacuation point.
  • To assist the Building Warden.
  • Persons who are unable to evacuate the building unassisted shall inform a staff upon their arrival. An entry will be made into the Building Assistance register which the building wardens will hold. The Building Warden must assign a staff member to the individual to develop a personal emergency evacuation plan –relevant staff will be briefed on each individuals plan to assist with the evacuation.

Responsibilities of staff

All staff have a responsibility for their own safety at work and also have a responsibility to see that they do not act (or fail to act) in a manner likely to cause harm to any other person. Staff must follow the instructions of the fire wardens. If someone was seriously harmed as a result of failure to follow the directions of the fire wardens there is provision under the legislation for a fine of up to $250,000.

During normal University operating hours (Monday to Friday) the appointed Building and Floor wardens deal with any building evacuations. These evacuations are completed with the assistance of academic staff that have responsibility for evacuating their teaching area.

After normal business hours, building evacuations/emergencies are co‐ordinated by the UniSafe Security staff. The contact phone number in any emergency is (07) 838 4444.

Your participation in these trial evacuations assists in enhancing safety in the workplace.

For further information, contact the Security Manager.