Visitor Parking on Campus

There is designated visitor parking available on both the Hamilton and Tauranga campuses. Staff can reserve a space for you if you are visiting campus and require parking. You will need to provide the staff member you are visiting with your vehicle’s licence plate number and your contact details before you visit. When your parking has been booked you will receive an email with directions to your reserved numbered visitor parking space.

If you park in a visitor space without a booking, you will need to report to the nearest reception, or the staff member you are visiting, as soon as possible, and ask them to check parking availability and make an on-the-spot booking for you. In this instance, you may need to move your vehicle to an available space.

Where is the visitor parking?

Visitor parking on the Hamilton campus is numbered and painted in blue to distinguish these spaces from general parking areas.

To see all visitor parking on campus, search the interactive Hamilton campus map.

Tauranga has no on campus parking available. If you plan to drive to campus, there are free carparks in the city centre. There's a two-hour time limit and then you will need to move your car. There is also pay-parking option available. Find out more here.

No more red sandwich boards or yellow day permits

The University has introduced a new visitor parking system and the sandwich boards and day permits you may have previously used are no longer in use. If you arrive on campus without booking visitor parking, you will need to find the nearest reception, or ask the staff member you are visiting, to check visitor parking availability and make an on-the-spot booking for you.

Mobility Parking

There are a number of mobility parking spaces on the Hamilton campus which are freely available for use at any time. Visitors do not need to book these parks.  Please ensure your valid mobility card is clearly visible on your dashboard.

As for Tauranga, there are 2 mobility parks at the CBD campus, located outside the Durham Lane entrance, as well as Tauranga City Council mobility parks on-street, off-street and in parking buildings. Visit our Drive to Campus page for more information.