Surplus Furniture

Surplus Furniture

Property Services facilitates the redeployment and re-use of pre-used university funded furniture.

There are many different categories of office furniture including workstations, filing cabinets, chairs and bookcases etc, that may be of use in your university work space. We also have desks, carpet and some whiteboards.

FurniCycle – the sharing and redeployment of the University’s used Furniture

FurniCycle (Warpit) is an online reuse platform that makes it easy for staff to get and give surplus stationery, furniture and other equipment. This works within the organisation, and externally between organisations, such as local schools and charities. The system is used across the public and private sector for goods, as well as helping to manage the surplus that is usually produced as part of the building decommission or refurbish process. 65% of universities in the UK use Warp-it, and Australian universities are also beginning to adopt it. The University of Waikato will be the first in New Zealand to roll out this innovative tool.

This initiative seeks to reduce the large amounts of University furniture that takes up storage, or is eventually wasted.  It will allow us to track and redeploy furniture more efficiently and measure our savings and carbon emissions. The pilot will include a few staff from Property Services and ITS to start, but we aim to roll it out across the University soon.