The Portering Service is responsible for delivering, moving and storing goods within the Campus, and off-campus in some specific cases. It is coordinated by the Logistics Team Leader, who is contactable by email, [email protected], phone [07] 858 5108, or a message can be emailed to the Service Desk, or by phoning extension 4001.

The Portering Service

  • Provides daily delivery services from the library, central store and mail room to agreed delivery points on and off campus.
  • Co-ordinate and liaise with departments requiring office shifts or one-off requirements within the appropriate deadlines or budgetary constraints.
  • Provides adhoc delivery services between campus buildings, provided 48 hours notice is given and within staffing constraints.
  • Provides portering services for the requirements of regular events such as enrolment, examinations, chapel concerts (for example) and within staffing constraints.
  • Arranges for the recycling of non-confidential documents.
  • Arranges for the confidential destruction of high security documents (a cost recovery service) - Confidential Destruction Request Form


Only large one off jobs, or regular large jobs are charged for. In all cases if there is to be a charge, it will be discussed with the requester in advance.

To contact us please refer to Staff Contact.