Private Vehicles for University Business Policy

Responsibility for policy: Director of Property Services
Approving authority: Vice-Chancellor
Last reviewed: December 2014
Next review date: December 2019

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  1. This policy applies to all staff of the University of Waikato.


  1. The purpose of this policy is to provide a consistent, transparent and cost-effective framework of the use of private vehicles for University business, and for the reimbursement of associated costs

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  1. This policy should be read in conjunction with the following:


  1. In this policy:

    University business means any activity that a staff member is expected to undertake during the course of their work
    University pool vehicle means a vehicle owned or leased by the University of Waikato that is available for short-term loan to authorised drivers for the purpose of conducting University business

Approval and use of private vehicles for University business

  1. Line managers are responsible for ensuring that their staff have access to appropriate transport to undertake University business and that such provision is made at rates which are cost-effective for the University.
  2. Staff who are required to travel on University business commencing and ending at a University of Waikato campus must use a University pool vehicle whenever one is available, rather than using a rental or private vehicle; University pool vehicle booking forms are available through the University Fleet Management website.  Further information may be obtained by emailing: [email protected]
  3. Private vehicles must not be used for University business, except where:
    • using a private vehicle costs no more than use of a rental vehicle or alternative transportation such as a taxi, or
    • using a private vehicle is necessary on disability or medical grounds.
  4. Line managers have authority to determine whether circumstances are appropriate for staff to use their own vehicles for University business in accordance with clause 7 of this policy, and to approve such use; line managers must seek advice from the Director of Property Services before approving exceptions to this policy on the grounds of cost effectiveness.
  5. The owner of a private vehicle being used for University business must carry adequate insurance cover for their protection and for the protection of any passengers. Private vehicles must be roadworthy with a current registration and warrant of fitness.
  6. Responsibility for ensuring that staff comply with this policy rests with the relevant line manager.

Reimbursement of costs

  1. In cases where the relevant line manager has approved the use of a private vehicle, the reimbursement amount must not exceed the cost to the University of a rental vehicle in the same circumstances (that is, for the same distance and timeframe).
  2. Where a private vehicle is used for University business over a period of more than 24 hours, the staff member will be entitled to reimbursement costs calculated on the basis of the total distance travelled on University business for the authorised period.
  3. Expenses associated with the use of private vehicles for University business must not be charged to a University PCard.
  4. The University will reimburse staff for use of private vehicles for University business at the rates specified by the Inland Revenue Department, subject to clauses 11 and 12 of this policy. These are currently:
    Annual work-related km Rate
    Banded Rate
    1 to 5,000 km per year 79 cents per km
  1. Claims for reimbursements under this policy must be made through Staff Expense Claims and are subject to approval by the relevant line manager. Claims must specify full details of individual trips, including the reasons for the use of a private vehicle, so that the appropriate rate of reimbursement can be applied in each case.
  2. Staff will not be reimbursed for claims over 5,000km per year unless such claims have been approved in advance in writing by the Director of Property Services.

Responsibility for monitoring compliance

  1. The Director of Property Services is responsible for monitoring compliance with this policy and reporting any breaches to the Vice-Chancellor.
  2. Breaches of this policy may result in disciplinary action under the Staff Code of Conduct.

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