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Why would you be referred to the Student Discipline Committee?


Examination procedures
Examinations at the University of Waikato are held under strict regulations, and failure to follow these rules may result in students being subject to disciplinary proceedings.

  • Do not take books, notes or dictionaries into your exam, unless your lecturer has told you they are allowed (in ‘Open Book’ or ‘Restricted Book’ exams).
  • You are not allowed to share a calculator with your friends. If you are allowed a calculator in your exam, make sure you have your own.
  • You may not communicate with another student during the examination.
  • Do not write on your body or clothing – you may be suspected of cheating by bringing study notes into the exam.
  • You are not allowed to take unauthorised material such as blank paper, books and notes into an examination room. If you require additional paper, raise your hand and ask a supervisor for blank paper. This paper must be handed in and tied to your examination booklet at the end of the examination.
  • Turn your cellphone/mobile telephone, pager or other communication device off, disable the alarm, and put it in your bag. If it rings or vibrates, it will disturb other students. If you keep it in your pocket, you may be suspected of cheating by reading stored material or trying to text others during your exam. All students found with cellphones and other communication devices in an examination will be subject to disciplinary procedures.
  • Please listen carefully to the instructions given to you by the exam supervisors and do as they ask. The regulations require students to follow all instructions given to them.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are prohibited in any examination and it is a concession to date by the Examination staff, that rather than requiring mobile telephones to be left outside the room (where they could not be kept securely), they may instead be rendered incapable of making a sound and kept in bags at the front of the room or on the desk behind you.  A mobile phone that makes a sound during an examination breaches the Assessment Regulations and a discipline complaint will be made. A finding of misconduct may result in a monetary fine or the requirement for a written undertaking by you not to repeat the behaviour that led to the complaint.

If you are found to have a mobile phone in your pocket or otherwise on your person a discipline complaint will be made and if a finding of misconduct is made there will be a monetary fine or the requirement for a written undertaking by you not to repeat the behaviour that led to the complaint.  If there is also a suspicion of cheating, this complaint is referred directly to the Student Discipline Committee and may result in a penalty on the examination.

Unauthorised Materials
It is prohibited to take any materials into an examination unless it is an open book or restricted examination.  If you are found with unauthorised materials, such as study notes, blank paper, or cheat notes you may be referred to a discipline hearing.  A finding of misconduct will result in penalties ranging from a formal warning or a fine, to a penalty on the examination or the paper. 

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