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12 December 2018

Gallagher scholarship for cyber security

Mitchell Grout is the fourth in his family to come to Waikato University and he's just been awarded a substantial masters scholarship.

21 September 2018

Forging a vision for security in a new age of disruptive techno-politics

Experts from around the country and the world have gathered at University of Waikato to examine technologies that will challenge the very core of the country’s defence and security systems.

14 September 2018

Swarms, Artificial Intelligence and New Zealand’s Security

Dr Reuben Steff is looking at how Artificial Intelligence is going to have immense implications for New Zealand’s national security.

11 September 2018

Disgusting, grotesque and offensive

Dr Dan Weijers is looking at how to deal with the public rejection of new potentially life-saving technologies.

4 September 2018

Armed to the teeth: do military animals deserve protection in war?

University of Waikato’s Dr Anna Marie Brennan is looking at whether animals on the front-line are weapons, or if they should be given the respect of something more sentient.

30 August 2018

Researchers argue backdoors violate encryption principles

Based on an ongoing project, University of Waikato researchers contend that building backdoors into encryption should not be pursued in law or policy.

16 July 2018

Waikato students take out the grand prize for the NZ Cyber Security Challenge

Hundreds of aspiring cyber-crime fighters tackled a range of increasingly tough tasks, hacking drones and saving the planet during the 2018 NZ Cyber Security Challenge

11 July 2018

Facing the challenge of women in cyber security

The NZ Cyber Challenge is taking up the issue of the under representation of women in the industry.

9 July 2018

Why Trump’s liberal demolition job and authoritarian outreach is about China

Dr Reuben Steff looks at Trump's challenge to the liberal order.

28 June 2018

Hacking your holiday

Dr Joe Burton looks at how cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the tourism market.

25 June 2018

Keeping a vigilant eye on fraudsters

Fraud detection software firm Vigilance has partnered with University of Waikato data scientists to create a fraud detection solution, using the University’s newly developed tool for spotting data anomalies more accurately.

8 June 2018

US ambassador drops in

US Ambassador Scott Brown was keen to hear about research being done in cyber security and crime science.

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