Students Complaints Procedure

Here at the University of Waikato, we have two different procedures based on the type of complaint.

Student Discipline Regulations

If you would like to make a formal complaint about a student’s behaviour, academic or otherwise, the Student Discipline Regulations set out the procedures for doing so. A complaint of misconduct can be made by a staff member, student or member of the public, and will be heard by the University’s Student Discipline Committee.

Student Complaints Procedures

If you want to make a formal complaint about the University and/or its staff, the Student Complaints Procedures set out a range of options for informal or more formal resolution of your concern.

Before making a complaint, you are encouraged to seek a resolution by raising and discussing your concerns informally with the relevant person who is most directly associated with the matter.

If you’re an international student, you can download our step by step International Complaints Procedure Guide.

If you aren’t sure how to make a complaint or need some assistance, you can contact Rachel Fulton at [email protected]. Alternatively, staff in the Student Centre staff and WSU student support can also help you.