Violence Prevention

The University of Waikato has a dedicated Violence Prevention Coordinator on campus to help you with any concerns, or to seek information/advice or support in relation to harassment, abuse, and/or violence.

Students and staff can make appointments with the Violence Prevention Coordinator by phoning 07 837 9497 or emailing [email protected]

If a physical or sexual assault has just occurred, please ring 111 and ask for Police.

Sexual Violence/Abuse

Sexual Violence is any sexual act committed on someone without consent. This can be rape, unlawful sexual connection (any sexual act such as kissing, touching, oral sex without consent), sending sexual images or videos, forcing someone to watch a sexual act, and sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is any request for sexual activity of any kind through the use of threats, or implying preferential treatment. It is also unwelcome and offensive sexual language. A person under the age of 16 is unable to consent.
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Family Violence/Abuse

Family Violence is physical, sexual, psychological/emotional abuse perpetrated by one person onto their spouse, family member, person they live with, or person they have a close personal relationship with. This includes threats, intimidation, coercion, following a person, ill-treatment of animals/pets, financial or economic abuse, and damage to property.
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Consent Matters

Students at the University of Waikato have access to an online module called Consent Matters. This module helps students understand what consent is, and what their rights and responsibilities are. The module only takes one hour to complete. For more information or to discuss the content in person, please contact the violence prevention coordinator. You can complete the module in Moodle.


Family & Sexual Violence Helplines

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, call 111.

If you want to report something that does not need urgent police presence, call 105.

·       Safe to Talk – free 24/7 confidential contact with trained specialists who can connect you to sexual harm support services in your community: Sexual harm helpline: 0800 044334, Text: 4334, Email: [email protected]

·       Women's Refuge – 0800 733 843

·       Shine – Specialist family violence service provider Phone: 0508 744 633 Website:

·       Hey Bro helpline - supporting men to be free from violence 0800 HeyBro (439 276)

·       Family violence information line – to find out about local services or how to help someone else: 0800 456 450

·       Shakti – Specialist support in the area of family violence intervention/prevention/awareness as well as cultural competence in supporting families of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin Phone: 0800 742 584 Email: [email protected] Website:

·       Netsafe – Online safety organisation – Phone: 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723) Email: [email protected]

Family & Sexual Violence Local Support


·       Midlands Sexual Assault Support Services – Call or text: 027 278 5331 Office: (07) 839 4433 or 0800 839 4433 Email: [email protected]

·       Shama – National Ethnic Response for Sexual Harm and specialist family violence support for ethnic women and children: Email: [email protected] Phone: 07 843 3810

·       Tuu Oho Mai Services – Family harm support Safety and non-violence programmes – Website: Phone: (07) 834 3148 Email: [email protected]

·       Male Support Services – Support for males with physical, mental, emotional, domestic or sexual abuse experiences Phone: 0800 677 289 Email: [email protected] Website:

·       Hamilton Adults & Adolescents (Waikato) Sexual Assault and Treatment Service – Reassurance, medical and forensic examination and referral to support: 24 hours / 7 days – Phone: 07 858 0800 and ask for SAATS service

·       Waikato Women’s Refuge Te Whakaruruhau – Family violence support – safe housing, advice and community-based support: Phone: 07 855 1569 (24/7 crisis service) Website:

·       Safe Network – Treatment for children, youth and adults with problematic, concerning, or harmful sexual behaviour – Website:

Tauranga/Bay of Plenty

·       Tautoko Mai – Sexual Harm Support and Sexual Assault and Treatment Service – Reassurance, medical, forensic examination, and ACC counselling –  Freephone: 0800 227 233 Phone: (07) 577 0512 [email protected]

·       Tauranga Women’s Refuge and Support Services – Advocacy, information, support and safe housing for those experiencing family harm: Phone: 0800 86 733 843 (24/7 crisis service) Website:

·       Tauranga Living Without Violence – Family harm support – Safety and non-violence programmes – Phone: 0800 577 003 Website:

·       Male Survivors Bay of Plenty – Support for male survivors of sexual abuse – Phone: 027 271 8898 Website:

·       Safe Network – Treatment for children, youth and adults with problematic, concerning, or harmful sexual behaviour – Website: