The Library Plan is built on the following principles:

  • Mahi Tahi (Partnership)
  • Kaitiakitanga (Active Protection)
  • Kōwhiringa (Options)

These principles inform the four overarching objectives of the Plan:

  • Ensure the Library’s collections are fit for purpose
  • Support the University’s journey towards greater research openness
  • Enhance the Library’s reputation as a trusted partner in teaching and learning
  • Create an environment for inspiration and curiosity

The purpose

The purpose of the Library Plan is to set objectives for the University of Waikato Library which support the implementation of the University’s key strategic plans, including the University StrategyAcademic PlanResearch PlanSustainability PlanMāori Advancement Plan and Pacific Strategic Plan.

View a simplified one-page version of the Library Plan.

How we will work

Our mission is to be a library that is at the heart of the whole community: Ko Te Tangata, for the people. This is broader than just the University’s students and staff. We have a commitment to our wider local, regional, national and international communities. Learn more about Our Vision.

We are committed to lifelong learning and growth for staff

Our staff will regularly have the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge through a range of initiatives. There will be mechanisms in place to reward, recognise and celebrate staff achievements and staff will be empowered to reach their full potential.

We will foster an environment that values difference and diversity by creating, promoting and maintaining an inclusive space for all.

We are more than just a place to house books

Libraries are centred on people and our success depends on the strength of our relationships and how we foster and sustain these. Through the principle of mahi tahi, we will bring communities together to co-create, co-curate, and connect knowledge and people, supporting communities in their success.

The principle of kaitiakitanga ensures the Library acts as the custodian of the taonga and knowledge it holds from the past, present and future.

We will support the University to become an anti-racist institution

The Library supports the University’s ambition to be the first anti-racist institution in Aotearoa.

The Library is investing in Māori and Pacific roles who can undertake the work that needs to be done to realise this ambition. This includes making the Library environment inclusive for all and integrating kaupapa and mātauranga Māori in its policies, processes and services.

As teaching and researching landscapes change – so will we

As the fourth industrial revolution deepens, the Library’s role becomes more important than ever to help navigate the proliferation of new and emerging technologies and information deluge.

With these changes come opportunities for us to drive innovation and we will be deliberate in our investment to ensure a positive impact for all our communities.

A message from Michelle:

I started my career in libraries in Aotearoa before spending 15 years in the UK working in academic libraries. I spent 10 years at the University of York where I held a number of posts and was the Director of Library and Archives Services (Interim) before I left. In 2021 the pull of Aotearoa was too strong when my current role was advertised at the University and I relocated to Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) with my family later that same year. It has proved to be a fantastic place to make friends, enjoy an outdoors lifestyle with its beautiful green spaces.

Along with the attraction of Waikato's strong research and teaching profile I was attracted by the University's commitment to becoming the first anti racist institution in NZ. I believe investment in people is key and aim to empower all staff to reach their full potential. As a parent to two young kids I am an advocate of flexible working and providing inclusive environments where staff can bring their whole self to work. I am passionate about the power of libraries to transform lives as access to information is key to overcome the challenges we face with mis, mal and disinformation in this time of information deluge. As a library we are centred on being open and transparent, user-centric and have a commitment to continuous learning, utilising people's strengths and celebrating our achievements. Our new strategic direction is now set in our ambitious Library Plan and we are looking for people who want to help us deliver this.

Michelle Blake
University Librarian