Student Assessment

Rules, Regulations and Guidelines for Good Practice

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Assessment is a very important part of your experience as a university student. The term assessment refers to a range of tasks that you will be required to undertake as part of your learning in a particular paper. Assessment tasks may be used for a variety of purposes. Broadly, assessment is a means of certifying that you have achieved the knowledge and competencies required in a paper or programme. At the same time, assessment is a primary teaching and learning tool. Whatever the purpose, assessment tasks should always be linked with the goals of a paper and the learning of paper content, competencies and methods of inquiry in your discipline. All assessment involves comparing your performance against a set of expected standards.

Important Notice: Certain information, and in particular that relating to regulations and deadlines, is subject to change. The University of Waikato Calendar is the authoritative source of regulatory information and any alterations and amendments will be reflected in the web version