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Challenges with examinations and completions


You are expected to be available for your examination (whether it is scheduled online or face-to-face) as it is part of your paper’s requirements. Missing an examination will result in an automatic incomplete (IC) grade.

However, in some circumstances you can apply for special examination arrangements or consideration. See the Regulations and Guidelines page for more details.

You should keep in mind that if you fail more than half of the papers that you are enrolled in for the year, including Incomplete (IC) grades, you are not guaranteed automatic re-entry into your programme.

Contact your faculty registrar or advisor for more information.Te Papahou mural eye detail


If you think that you might want to withdraw from a paper for any reason, please see the Withdrawals page of this handbook.

You may be able to leave or change papers without a failing grade and with a full or partial refund.

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