The University documents the completion of a degree through a specific process to confirm that all requirements of the degree or qualification have been correctly fulfilled and that you are entitled to receive your qualification. Completion of all the assessment items is a major part of this requirement but there is a separate compulsory administrative process to be completed to receive the degree or qualification.

Assessment requirements are completed once assessment items for all papers are marked and passed and grades are finalised. Some qualifications or degrees have specific requirements for completion, such as work experience, and confirmation of all such requirements is part of the completion process.A person holding an academic transcript

In addition to the qualification certificate conferred at graduation, you can obtain two other official records of your University study. These are an ‘academic record’ and a ‘completion letter’. Both documents are printed on official University letterhead.

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Applying for an Academic Record or Completion Letter

What is an Academic Record?

What is a Completion Letter?

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