Degree and Diploma Certificates

On completion of a qualification and once you have completed the Application to Graduate form, you may be presented with an official degree or diploma certificate, either at a formal graduation ceremony, or, if preferred, by mail (in absentia). This official certificate is confirmation of conferment of your qualification.Three framed diplomas

If your original degree or diploma certificate is damaged, destroyed, stolen, or lost, application may be made to the Director, Student Services Division, to have the certificate replaced. You should apply by forwarding a statutory declaration outlining the circumstances necessitating the replacement of the certificate to the Student Centre, Student Services Division Included with the statutory declaration, if appropriate, should be the damaged certificate, or a police or insurance report.

Please note that we will not release your certificate until we receive payment of the associated fee (contact the  Student Centre for details on fees - Please allow at least 10 working days between the receipt of the request and the posting of the certificate. Certificates are posted unless otherwise requested (a fee will apply if you wish to have it couriered).