Paper Outlines and Assessment

Paper outlines provide the official statement about the nature and key requirements of all taught papers. They provide you with all the information and expectations necessary to pass the paper. Paper outlines may be accessed through your Department of study.

A paper outline:

  • Explains the requirements for assessed work eg length, structure, presentation, style and referencing     guidelines. (The detail may be provided elsewhere provided a reference to the location of this information is included here).
  • Specifies the internal assessment/examination ratio (as stated in the University of Waikato Calendar).
  • Lists assessment components (specifying those which are compulsory): Component/ Percentage of overall mark/ Due date
  • States where and/or how assignments are to be handed in, the expected turnaround time and where they may be collected.
  • Explains the practices in place for the management of assessment deadlines.
  • Explains the process for requesting extensions and special consideration and for appealing marks (or provide references to this information in the student handbook or the University of Waikato Calendar).