Grading Scale

The schedule of grades used by the University and the range marks represented by each grade can be found here

You should keep in mind that if you fail more than half of the papers you are enrolled in for the year, including IC grades, you are not guaranteed automatic re-entry into your programme. Contact your faculty registrar or advisor for more information.

Other notations:

If you are unable to complete a paper for any reason, you can apply to withdraw from the paper. This will be shown as a WD on your record. WD is NOT a failing grade and the following time limits apply:

  • WDFR (Withdrawn Full Refund) - you may withdraw at any time during the first two weeks of a paper and receive a full refund of your fees.
  • WD (Withdrawn)- After the initial two week period, you may withdraw up to six weeks from the paper start date however you will not receive a refund of your fees unless there are circumstances beyond your control and you can apply for compassionate withdrawal
  • If you withdraw from a paper more than six weeks after it starts, you will receive an IC which is a failing grade.

Absence from classes or failure to submit items for assessment does not constitute withdrawal from a paper. If you do not withdraw from a paper using the procedures outlined in the University’s Change of Enrolment regulations, you are considered to be still enrolled in the paper and you remain liable for any prescribed fees.

Compassionate Withdrawal:

If, after the deadline for deletion or withdrawal, you consider that you are unable to complete a paper because of exceptional circumstances beyond your control, you may apply in writing to the Director of Student Services for late deletion or withdrawal. The application must include an account, with appropriate evidence if available, of the circumstances that prompted the application.

You are encouraged to seek advice first from your School/Faculty, or from the Student Centre, about whether you might be entitled to special consideration.