Student in the libraryAssessment is undertaken by internal assessment, by formal examination, or by a combination of both. The internal assessment is what you do as part of your coursework - the essays, group assignments, tests, etc. External assessment refers to the examination, which is usually taken in the exam period once your lectures and workshops are finished.

The weighting of internal assessment and examination is indicated by a ratio. An internal assessment/final examination ratio of 3:2, for example, indicates that 60% of the paper is internally assessed throughout the semester and 40% is assessed through a final exam.

Internal assessment can be due at different times throughout the semester and is managed by the individual lecturer.

Formal examinations (external assessment) are managed centrally by the Assessment Office within Student Services and are held at the end of each semester.


1) I need to apply for special consideration as my uncle's funeral was on the day of my exam.  Where do I go?

Answer: Because your exam (an external assessment item) has been affected you must apply online or at the Student Centre (in the library building) or in Tauranga at the Maharaia Building and provide the necessary evidence in order to be considered for special consideration

2) I was very ill for three weeks of the semester and not able to attend lectures or tutorials during this time.  I missed an in-class test and several smaller tutorial submissions.  What should I do?

Answer: Because you missed a portion of your coursework and classes (internal assessment) you need to go to your department/faculty administration office and follow the policy they have outlined.  You will also find more information about their policy for late and missed assignments by reading your course outline.

3) I want a copy of my exam script - should I ask my lecturer?

Answer: No, your exam script is managed centrally by the Assessment Office (it's an external assessment item). You need to apply online or through the Student Centre (in the library building) or in Tauranga at the Maharaia Building for a copy of your exam script.