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Our graduates are in demand for their flexible skills, practical outlook and depth of understanding they bring to their roles. Our students learn and apply the power of language, literature, screens, music, movement and performance. In doing so, students develop communication skills, creative and design practices that express ideas, develop concepts and promote services.

Through your study you will develop sector-specific analytical abilities and research experience, well-honed written and verbal communication skills, and a broad perspective on the world and its various cultures.

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English at Waikato ranks in the top 200 in the world (QS Rankings 2021)

English at Waikato prepares you for what employers want - a trained mind and the ability to solve problems with words. It will develop your critical thinking skills and appreciation for English, as well as train you to be a creative problem solver in your future career.

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Specialist teaching facilities, including the acclaimed Dr John Gallagher Concert Chamber.

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Global refugee crisis brought to life in a new opera

The global refugee crisis is being brought to life for New Zealand audiences in a new opera co-written by a former Afghani refugee, which promises to give a voice to the inhumane treatment of refugees worldwide.

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New Zealand’s richest short story prize launches with acclaimed writer Patricia Grace as Chief Judge for 2021

The Sargeson Prize launched on 1 April, offering New Zealand’s richest short story prize to local writers, with more than $8000 in prize money available across two categories.

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Student's writing dream is becoming a reality

Jared Kane was forced to leave his old profession due to illness, and in the hope of turning a lifelong love of writing into a new career, he started a Master of Professional Writing qualification at the University of Waikato.

He hoped to eventually be in a position where he would be paid to write, finishing his final paper earlier this year and graduating with first class honours in April.

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Graduate ‘spinning linguistic gold’

Alexandra Lodge loves telling stories and performing and has done so since she can remember. Being a writer is what she has always wanted to be, even though over the years she has taken a detour as an actor. This week, she proudly graduated from the University of Waikato with a Doctorate in Philosophy.

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