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Any voice, idea, issue or solution requires a way of communicating that stands out, has impact, can affect people and potentially bring change.

The arts provide practical skills for understanding humans and their worlds and conveying and expressing those insights in innovative and impactful ways. This is your opportunity to develop language, literacy and communication skills in areas such as modern languages, visual literacy, sound design, creative writing, musical and vocal expression or dramatic composition. In doing so, learn to exploit multiple traditional and digital delivery platforms.

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New in Tauranga in 2023

100-Level and 200-Level MUSIC papers are now available to be studied at the Tauranga campus. Please note that some travel to Hamilton may be required.

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A musical Fulbright

A career as a classical pianist only happens to a few, and University of Waikato doctoral student Liam Wooding is well on the way.

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Anthony Byrt appointed University of Waikato’s 2023 Writer In Residence

Art critic and writer Anthony Byrt will devote the next 12 months to three major projects after being named the Kaipukahu University of Waikato Writer in Residence for 2023.

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Grammar for everyone

Dr Calude, Senior Linguistics Lecturer at the University and convenor of its linguistics programme, teamed up with renowned author and linguist Emeritus Professor Laurie Bauer from Victoria University of Wellington to write a book that outlines problems (mysteries) and everyday aspects of grammar in a way that’s easily understood.

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Internationally renowned soprano named Chair in Opera at the University of Waikato

Opera singer Madeleine Pierard has been named the inaugural Dame Malvina Major Chair in Opera at the University of Waikato.

The new, philanthropically-funded position has been established as part of plans for growth in Music at the University, and to train singers and develop support as they begin their careers.

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Inaugural recipients selected for Te Pae Kōkako

Six promising opera students have been selected for the University of Waikato’s immersive Master of Music programme in Advanced Opera Studies in 2023.

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