Welcome to New Zealand and the start of your Waikato University experience. If you have arranged to be collected at Auckland Airport by the University, a shuttle driver will be waiting to meet you. Look out for a driver holding a sign with your name on it in the arrivals area of the airport. The driver will deliver you to the accommodation you listed on your arrival form.

We encourage you to use the first few days in New Zealand to start familiarising yourself  with your new surroundings. Try different foods and find out what's happening in the area.

Getting to campus

The best, most sustainable, healthy and affordable way to get to campus is to walk, bike or bus. But we understand these options aren’t always a possibility so if you need to park your car on the Hamilton campus, here are some things to know.

Arriving on campus

When you arrive on campus, our friendly staff will be here to welcome you and guide you through the steps of getting started at the University. You will receive a Welcome Pack from the University full of information which will help you with your enrolment process and help you in settling into New Zealand life.

Your first step will be to enrol.

Your first few days in New Zealand

We understand that arriving to live and study in a new country can be overwhelming, and it may take some time for you to adjust. We've put together some information below that might help you during your first few days in Hamilton.

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International Student Services Office

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