Studentsafe - Inbound University Insurance

You can purchase the Studentsafe - Inbound University policy through the university.

This will automatically be added and charged to your Enrolment Agreement. If you prefer you can choose to purchase an alternative approved policy and provide a copy of the cover to the university at least two weeks before the start of your course of study.

Studentsafe Insurance FAQs

Please explain what cover I will have with this Studentsafe-Inbound University cover?

  • A comprehensive policy covering medical and related expenses; repatriation and travel disruption; luggage, personal effects, travel documents, money and credit cards; death and disablement by injury; personal liability; kidnap and ransom; rental vehicle collision damage and theft excess waiver.
  • The limit on personal items is $2500. Including such items as a laptop, camera and bicycle.
  • For detailed information on what the policy does and does not cover please refer to the Studentsafe-Inbound University policy. Note that certain conditions/exclusions apply.

Are there any conditions of acceptance for the cover?

  • Any pre-existing medical condition will need to be accepted by the insurers.
  • If you require cover for Pre-existing Medical Conditions, a medical risk assessment form will need to be completed:
    • Acceptance must be in writing from the insurers.

How do I purchase Studentsafe - Inbound University cover?

  • The premium will be attached to your enrolment and fees invoice automatically.
  • Payable at the same time when paying for your tuition fees.
  • Travel (up to 31 days en route) to the university is covered, even if the premium is not paid until arrival.

How do I cancel/get a refund of Studentsafe - Inbound University premium?

  • Cancellation/refund needs approval.
  • Please email to request a refund. You will be advised on your situation.

Can I cover my partner/family with Studentsafe - Inbound University cover?

  • Family cover for partner / spouse and all children up to and including age 18 (providing they are at school) can be covered for an extra fee.
  • Family members named on the policy receive the same benefits as the student.
  • family application form needs to be completed.
  • Please ask for details at the insurance office or email

How do I make a claim?

  • Submit a claim online.
  • If you purchase laptops or cameras before coming to New Zealand please keep your receipts as proof of purchase and of ownership.
  • The insurance company require proof of ownership before settling claims.
  • An excess applies on personal effects and items claimed for under Section 3 of the policy.

I feel unwell what do I do?

  • All Studentsafe insured students can visit the Campus Health Centre who will check your insurance details.
  • If everything is in order the Health Centre will submit your claim for you. You will not need to pay them.
  • Family members are unable to attend the centre. This is a service for students only.

Campus Health Centre is closed and I need to see a doctor. Where can I go?

  • You should attend the 24 hour Accident & Emergency Centre at Anglesea Clinic, Anglesea Street, Hamilton.
  • You will be required to register the first time you visit and pay them for your consultation.
  • Keep the receipt and send with your claim form to Allianz.

Do I need to pay for my prescription medicines?

  • After visiting Campus Health take your prescription to the Campus Pharmacy they will bulk bill the insurance company for you.
  • If you have prescriptions for medicines that are not on the Pharmac List you will be required to pay for those.
  • The pharmacist will advise you about the cost.

I need new glasses. Where do I go?

  • Specsavers have an arrangement with the insurers which allows them to make your claim on your behalf. The annual limit of this claim is $200.
  • You are required to register online before you visit the store. State in the text box what you need e.g. eye test and new frames or spectacles lost, stolen or broken to be replaced.
  • Specsavers will contact you to make an appointment.
  • Once you have your appointment visit the store for your test and choose your glasses.
  • You may, however, choose any optometrist you like by booking an appointment and paying them for the glasses and eye test then submitting your claim for re-imbursement.

What will my Studentsafe - Inbound University policy NOT cover?

  • Vehicle insurance.
  • General dental treatment.
  • Emergency treatment is covered with certain conditions.
  • Pregnancy, giving birth, abortion or sexually transmitted disease.
  • Health checks for visa applications.
  • Health screening, medical and dental reviews and vaccinations.
  • Extreme sports as listed in the general exclusions in the policy wording.

Does the Studentsafe - Inbound University policy cover my purchased vehicle?

  • No. If you purchase a vehicle you should purchase vehicle insurance.
    • Either: fully comprehensive which covers your vehicle and any other involved in a collision
    • Or: third party fire and theft. This will repair another vehicle if you are to blame or pay out for fire or theft of your vehicle.

Does the insurance cover my travel to NZ to commence study?

  • You are covered for 31 days before the course start date.
  • All sections of the policy will be covered.

I want to go on holiday during semester break. Does this policy cover me?

  • You are covered for 16 days for temporary visits to Australia, Bali, Lombok and the Islands of the South Pacific.
  • You may travel to your country of origin under certain circumstances with full cover. Please contact the insurance department for further details.
  • In some circumstances you may need another policy from our insurers. They offer Studentsafe Outbound or Explorersafe Outbound policies.

I am staying in NZ after my course of study to travel. Will I be covered with this policy?

  • The university operates a 'visa extension' policy whereby you are covered until the expiry date of your current student visa in New Zealand.
  • We advise you check with the insurance adviser before departure.
  • If you are planning to stay in NZ beyond the expiry date of your visa you will need to arrange extra cover. Please check with the Insurance Office.

I am studying NET papers do I have to buy insurance?

  • Students studying offshore (outside New Zealand) are not required to purchase insurance.
  • Enrolled students residing in New Zealand and studying NET papers still require insurance.

I have insurance cover why do I need to buy more?

  • Your policy must be compliant with the code of practice.
  • If it is compliant there is no need to purchase further insurance.
  • See our webpage about alternative insurance policies.
  • If it is not listed as fully compliant/approved please send it for assessment at least two weeks before course start date to
  • Your policy must be in english from the insurance company.

I am now a NZ resident. Is my Studentsafe - Inbound University policy still valid?

  • You must contact the insurance company to notify them of your change of status.
  • Allianz continues to fully insure students gaining permanent residency for 21 days from the date their status changed. After that time you have two options:
    • If you have not made any claims in the current insurance period, you can apply for a refund of the unused portion of the insurance. Download the refund form.
    • If you have made claims, you can continue to use the policy for the rest of the insurance period, with the exception of section 1A medical and related expenses. This is because as a permanent resident you will have access to publicly funded healthcare for emergencies and health maintenance.

Am I eligible for publicly funded healthcare?

  • Find out if you are eligible for publicly funded healthcare on the Ministry of Health website.
  • Generally the only international students eligible for free public health care in New Zealand are those on scholarships funded under the New Zealand Aid Programme or Commonwealth Scholarship Programme.
  • Recipients (and their family) of a work visa issued for 2 years or longer may also be eligible.

I had an accident what do I do?

  • Visit your doctor who will guide you in the process
  • Doctors' visits and treatments are subsidised by the government but charges may apply.
  • The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents, and temporary visitors to New Zealand.
  • Further information can be viewed on the Accident Compensation Corporation website.

Further FAQs

For further information about medical, baggage or general insurance, visit the InsurancesafeNZ website.

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