We have several projects underway that involve improving our operational practices as a University, in order to reduce waste, power and water usage, while encouraging eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives wherever possible. Our aim is to create positive change and promote sustainable practices within the University of Waikato and the wider community.


We are committed to implementing waste minimisation practices among staff, students and the community.


We are committed to making the most of resources and reducing our energy consumption.


We are committed to reducing waste volumes and increasing recycling rates across all operations.


We promote and encourage more sustainable travel choices amongst our students, staff and visitors.


We have three lakes on the University campus, which were created for the purposes of storm-water detention.


We have a vast native fern collection and three community gardens on campus.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are scoping our research, publications and papers aligning to the SDG's, and also our upcoming Sustainability Framework.