Green Office Pilot

Photo by Singkham from Pexels

The Green Office Pilot was rolled out in FMD, ITS and Tauranga earlier this year. The programme is now being established throughout campus this year and 2020.

The initiative seeks to reduce waste, water and energy, and ultimately our environmental footprint.

The first stage focuses on waste; with office rubbish bins being replaced with desktop cubes. We are doing this to;

  • To reduce waste
  • Increase recycling
  • Save money
  • Reduce resources
  • Show leadership

An example of a company removing individual rubbish bins and creating communal waste and recycling stations, found waste dropped 18% and recycling went up 20%.

The second phase will look at energy and water use.

For further tips please download our Green Office PDF and click on Taking Action

Please support us to be a leader in Sustainability.