As an organisation, we are committed to reducing waste volumes and increasing recycling rates across all our operations.

Our objective is to make more efficient use of resources and enhance our environmental performance. In alignment with Government initiatives and targets, we are endeavouring to reduce our carbon footprint as an organisation.

What can you recycle?

The University of Waikato is constantly improving recycling rates through creative methods of engaging with our staff and student population. We are committed to reducing waste volumes and increasing recycling rates across all our operations.

Recycling FAQ

Eco Campus

Eco Campus is an online sustainability space, where students can learn new skills, repair things, up-cycle unwanted items, volunteer, or seek advice on waste and sustainability. We run regular workshops and events, often at the Wellbeing Hub. We also run Re-Cycle, see below. Find us on Facebook or contact Katie Hine on 07 837 9463.


We repair donated bikes, rent and sell them cheaply to University of Waikato students, as well as gift them to the Red Cross for new migrants coming to Hamilton.

This initiative is run by the Eco Campus and our great volunteers. We would not operate without our volunteers. A big thank you to everyone who donates their time and energy.

For more information on bike donations or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Katie Hine 07 837 9463

Surplus Furniture- FurniCycle                               

FurniCycle (Warpit) is an online reuse platform that makes it easy for staff, students and charities/Not for Profits to access free surplus stationery, furniture and other equipment.

The initiative reduces the large amounts of University furniture and equipment that takes up storage, or is eventually wasted. It also allows us to track and redeploy furniture more efficiently whilst measuring our savings and carbon emissions. Within our first month we diverted 1.5 tonnes and saved 1 tonne of Co2e.

From 2013-2018 the University diverted or redeployed over 50 tonnes of furniture and equipment, with about 60% diverted back into the University and 40% gifted to the community.

50% of universities in the UK use Warp-it, and Australian universities are also beginning to adopt it. The University of Waikato is the first in New Zealand to roll out this innovative tool.

Please consider taking good, free second hand items rather than purchasing new.

To register:

Please contact Katie Hine Sustainability Coordinator for more information [email protected]

Reusable Mugs & Bottles

Stainless steel UoW branded drink bottles and mugs are subsidised for staff and students, as part of the Going [email protected] and Wasted programmes. Waste audits have shown that thousands of takeaway coffee cups go to landfill each week, and a recent audit highlighted 10kg’s of plastic bottles in the Village Green, just in one day.

Take your subsidised stainless steel mug to Kahurangi and get 50 cents off a hot drink each time you use it. Bongo (Sushi) also offer 30 cents off if you take your own plate or container.