Your daily commute

The University of Waikato promotes the use of more sustainable travel choices amongst our students, staff and visitors. We encourage staff and students to rideshare, use public forms of transport, and take advantage of our video-conferencing facilities wherever possible.

Our fleet

We were the first New Zealand university to add electric vehicles to our fleet. Over half our fleet of 145 vehicles is greening up, with nine pure electric cars and 73 hybrids. We drove 1,763,852 km in our fleet cars in 2018 - a decrease of 8% from 2017. There are two charging stations for staff and visitors at the Hamilton campus, and drivers are able to charge for up to two hours. Please contact Security to book.


Bus to campus - Hamilton

Thanks to an agreement with the Waikato Regional Council, University staff and students receive an additional 30% subsidy on the BUSIT card fare, paying only $1.70 per trip.

The 30% discount will be applied to the adult BUSIT card rate, reducing it from $2.40 to $1.70 a trip, with the University picking up the tab for the rest. The BUSIT card rate is already significantly cheaper than the single adult cash fare of $3.30.

The discount covers all routes in Hamilton, plus regional routes to and from Hamilton. The discount will be applied at all times of day and every day of the year for current enrolled university students with a valid student ID and BUSIT card.

Visit BUSIT for full information on bus routes, fares and timetables.

Waikato regional bus services

The University offers free regional bus services to bring students living in the wider Waikato region to the Hamilton campus.

The buses will run from selected towns across the Waikato, and will travel Monday to Friday to and from the University during the trimester (excluding the holidays and limited service during exams). The buses will be scheduled to arrive at the University by 8.45 am, allowing you to make class from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

Find out more about this service


Travel discounts with the Smartride card

A Smartride card is a reusable prepay card which can be used for travel, saving you the hassle of carrying cash, and gives you a discount on the regular cash fares on urban services and some rural services in the Bay of Plenty region.

Visit Baybus for more information on bus routes, fares and the Smartride card.

Bay of Plenty regional bus services

The University is trialling free regional bus services to bring students from Katikati, Rotorua and Whakatāne to the Tauranga CBD campus in 2020.

These services are continuous and will run Monday to Friday from 1 February 2020 to 20 December 2020 (including study weeks, exam weeks and teaching recess, but not including statutory holidays).

Find out more about this service

Carpool to campus

For a less expensive commuting alternative that still provides the convenience of a car, try ridesharing to campus with a friend or two. Preferential parking has been provided at the Hamilton campus in Gates 1 (near ITS) and 10 (near the Management School - in front of NIWA). Simply pick up your free RideLink Parking Permit from Security in B Annex. If your mates don't live nearby, or have different schedules, you can search for someone to rideshare with through the University RideLink website. Just remember if you park in the RideLink zones without a permit or if you have a permit, but arrive without your rideshare partner(s), you are subject to clamping and fines.

For more information, visit RideLink or contact the Security office on 07 838 4444.

Cycle to campus

Take advantage of Hamilton's fantastic range of on and off-road cycle paths around the city and cycle your way to campus. Once here, you can safely store you bike in one of our many bike storage facilities, We have over 1,300 bike spaces including bike racks, covered areas and lockable storage units.

At our Tauranga campus you can make use of our bike racks and store your gear in one of the student lockers available on the Ground floor and Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Showering facilities

Need to freshen up after your commute to campus?